We are thrilled to announce the momentous signing ceremony of the Pizzamaru Thailand Master Franchise agreement between Yum Connective Co., Ltd and Food Zone Co., Ltd. This highly anticipated event took place at the prestigious Sivatel Hotel in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

The signing ceremony marked the beginning of a dynamic partnership between Yum Connective Co., Ltd, the restaurants group company, and Food Zone Co., Ltd, which is the world’s largest Korean pizza chain, ‘Pizza Maru’ and currently has about 650 stores worldwide. Together, we are set to bring the innovative and delectable flavors of Pizzamaru to the vibrant culinary scene of Thailand.

The signing ceremony of the Pizzamaru Thailand Franchise agreement was an unforgettable event, marking the beginning of an exciting journey to bring the exceptional flavors and dining experience of Pizzamaru to the Thai market.

This momentous occasion will forever be remembered as the starting point of a remarkable partnership of Yum Connective Co.,Ltd and Food Zone Co.,Ltd.