Pizzamaru is incredibly popular in Korea, with over 600 outlets. Can have 22 flavors, with 3 types of crusts, and 2 types of dough- Green Tea (which is a bit chewy and denser) and Black Rice Pilaf (it’s more fluffy and airy). Then 4 other types of other main dishes to indulge in too.

Pizzamaru dough whose main materials are green tea and chlorella is made with 12 kinds of cereals. It is patent with the dough that satisfies consumers’ demands of taste and health through maturing and fermenting at low temperature for over 24 hours. In addition to green tea, green tea dough contains 10 kinds of grains such as chlorella, millet and oats.

Our Pizza is 100% homemade method of making the dough in the store and making by hand by hand. It is the only brand that can experience Korean style pizza and chicken at the same time. The characteristic of Korean pizza is to maximize the taste of toppings by utilizing rich toppings and using sauces suitable for major toppings. For example, it is a method of porting the beef to the bulgogi pizza and adding the sauce that enriches the taste of the beef to maximize the flavor of the bulgogi.
Best-selling menu of Pizzamaru are : Chicago Pizza, Bulgogi Pizza, Twisted Edge, Gold Edge, Garlic Gangjeong Chicken, Vegetable Chicken, Shrimp rose pasta, Japchae Pasta/ Jjajang Pasta and Rice Tower.

“100% homemade healthy pizza made using green tea and black rice”