King Kong

King Kong is a Sichuan style fried skewer restaurant. We serve 2 options of sauce & powder for our skewers: Spicy Mala and Sweet Wuxiang. King Kong’s skewers are your go-to food which can enjoy at any time of the day with various dishes.

We have a various kind of meat, seafood, vegetables and ready-made meat & meatballs which are fresh and go well with our spices. The aroma you will get when you come across our restaurant will make you irresistible to try our skewers.

Want to spice up your life? Try King Kong’s spiced-up fried skewers and you won’t regret!

Real Pork

Originated from Korea, Real Pork serves authentic Korean style bbq with traditional drinks such as soju & makgeolli (rice wine) to enjoy a genuine Korean vibe as in K-dramas. Not only bbq and drinks, traditional Korean dishes like Bimbibap, Kimchi Stew, Noodles, etc. are also available at Real Pork.

Our signature Pork Belly and Pork Shoulder Steak are premium cut and match very well with gochujang sauce and home-made kimchi.

Nothing better than enjoying your day with bbq and soju at Real Pork! and we guarantee your experince at Real Pork to be unforgettable.


Pizzamaru is incredibly popular in Korea, with over 600 outlets. Can have 22 flavors, with 3 types of crusts, and 2 types of dough- Green Tea (which is a bit chewy and denser) and Black Rice Pilaf (it’s more fluffy and airy). Then 4 other types of other main dishes to indulge in too.

Pizzamaru dough whose main materials are green tea and chlorella is made with 12 kinds of cereals. It is patent with the dough that satisfies consumers’ demands of taste and health through maturing and fermenting at low temperature for over 24 hours. In addition to green tea, green tea dough contains 10 kinds of grains such as chlorella, millet and oats.

Our Pizza is 100% homemade method of making the dough in the store and making by hand by hand. It is the only brand that can experience Korean style pizza and chicken at the same time. The characteristic of Korean pizza is to maximize the taste of toppings by utilizing rich toppings and using sauces suitable for major toppings. For example, it is a method of porting the beef to the bulgogi pizza and adding the sauce that enriches the taste of the beef to maximize the flavor of the bulgogi.
Best-selling menu of Pizzamaru are : Chicago Pizza, Bulgogi Pizza, Twisted Edge, Gold Edge, Garlic Gangjeong Chicken, Vegetable Chicken, Shrimp rose pasta, Japchae Pasta/ Jjajang Pasta and Rice Tower.

“100% homemade healthy pizza made using green tea and black rice”


Established in December 2011, Mr.Chef is a renowned local restaurant chain in Myanmar. With the slogan “Let me be your Chef,” our primary focus is to offer our customers a wide variety of choices, exceptional taste, and freshness, all at a reasonable price.

We cater to a diverse customer base, targeting young people, students, company staff, and families, especially those belonging to the middle class. Our menu showcases unique Asian fusion dishes, complemented by our signature coffee. The menu categories include appetizers, individual favorites, Clay pot dishes, Korean cuisine, Army stew, Hot pot and Mala Xiangguo sets, main dishes, and a range of beverages, including both coffee and non-coffee options.

With our head office attached to a central kitchen, we currently operate eight branches in Yangon, two branches in Mandalay, one branch in Lashio, and have plans to open a new branch soon in Sittwe. Our dedicated team consists of 180 staff members across our office and branches. Each branch spans an average of 1000-1800 square feet. The average spending per individual ranges from 7000-10000 kyats.

We are proud to have established alliances with esteemed partners such as Telenor Myanmar, Grab, Strategy First University, Myanmar Apex Bank, foodpanda, Star Institute, British University College, Parami Institute, and Visa. These collaborations allow us to offer additional benefits and convenience to our valued customers.

Vision: “Our vision is to become one of the top three largest local restaurant chains in Myanmar.”

Chuan Boy: Mala Tang & Mala Xiangguo

Mala Tang is a hot and spicy Sichuan soupy dish of meat and vegetables, commonly eaten as a street food in Northern parts of China, though its popularity has quickly spread throughout the country.

The dish is categorized by being both ”ma” (numbing) and ”la”(spicy), flavored with a combination of Sichuan pepper, dried chili pepper, and other aromatics.

“Tang” refers to “boiling hot” or “cooked in boiling water”.
You can see Mala Tang as a form of choose-your-own-adventure mini hot pot.

We have successfully opened our first branch in Thailand at Level 7, SF Town, MBK Center, 444 Phaya Thai Rd, Khwaeng Wang Mai, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok and brought an authentic taste of “Mala” to Thai people and tourists in Bangkok. you can taste our unique and authentic sichuan flavor of Malatang and Malaxiangguo at Chuanboy

ChuanBoy Malatang & Malaxiangguo


ChuanBoy Malatang & Malaxiangguo



“We Bring
New Exciting Food; Mala Tang
from China
to Thailand.”

Zawgyi Bar & Bistro

Four Burmese entrepreneurs from different sectors gathered with an aim of globalizing varieties of authentic Myanmar cuisines in Bangkok, Thailand.

We includes F&B 2 entrepreneur with over 20 years experiences, corporate coaching expert with over 15 years field experience and the telecom entrepreneur with over 20 years experiences.

“Authentic and Unique Foods From Myanmar, Health and Lucks Bring by Zawgyi.”